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For centuries, first in China, then in Japan, little trees in pots have been grown. The Bonsai Way produces philosophical-aesthetic 


masterpieces that derive from a long work of personal introspection. Let's find out how.


What’s a bonsai
The ideogram bonsai identifies three elements...

The bonsai's origins
Probably the bonsai comes from China...

How to observe
A bonsai can represent, either an age-old tree or a young one...

The styles
Trees grow in an infinite number of shapes
there are many style...

The Bonsai exhibition
The areas prepared in the various exhibitions partly reproduce a tokonoma...

The Care - Golden rules
But what have you got to do to look after a Bonsai in the proper way?

The interest in suiseki was born in China about 2000 years ago, whereas it exists in Japan almost since the VI century A.C.  >>
In Japanese karesansui means dry landscape. Because of its features it looks much more like a painting than a garden. >>


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